Backport planning list


Backport lists are sorted by ascending Diff number.

Read down first column, then second column, etc.

Existing Diff backport MRs (in progress): 20

These should progress to be integrated (merged) or deferred (if dependency or technical problems detected) or rejected if found unsuitable.

Diffs already planned: 399

Listed here are only those with no apparent unmet dependencies. Should create MR, resolve conflicts and attempt to integrate.

Diffs to be evaluated: 1494

These need to be looked at and classified either as planned, deferred or rejected.

Diffs deferred: 106

These have been previously classified as not able to proceed - need further evaluation and become either planned, or rejected.

Diff backports waiting on predecessor integration (or somehow fell through the cracks): 265

Most of these just have dependencies on others that are not yet integrated.